You are a university student, you have an entrepreneurial spirit and you wish to contribute to Ocean Protection? This is the perfect initiative for you!

The Monaco Ocean Protection Challenge is a students’ competition that enables young people to unleash their innovation power to protect the oceans.

This year, for its 3rd edition, the Challenge is now open to other schools!

As a participant you will have to choose between two options:

  • For the Entrepreneurial Challenge, you will have to come up with a business plan including an innovative and/or technology-oriented product or service that has a positive impact on Ocean Protection;
  • For the Corporate Challenge, your task will be to answer a question defined by the Oceanographic Institute of Monaco. This year, the challenge is to support the Principality’s commitment to find alternatives to inflated Plastic balloons, extensively used in celebrations and parties and extremely harmful to the ocean. Propose a creative communication concept for a campaign to spread new initiatives to replace inflatable balloons in celebrating events.

Do not hesitate to look for more information on our fun and intuitive website:

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