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Students and Start-ups involved


Innovative concepts presented


Editions took place



Student Category


Initiative for cleaning and converting algal blooms – converting surface algae into biomass pellets.

Start-ups Category


Through alkaline flow production and control, Pronoe issues high-quality carbon removal certificates. Its clients purchase these certificates to achieve their Net Zero and SDG commitments.

Coup de Coeur Category


Submarine robotic arm offering a precise solution for handling tasks and reducing harm to marine species.


Student Category

“Pogui Surf”

It is a project of two engineering students, from the Ecole Centrale de Lille, and from the Catholic Institute of Arts and Crafts of Lille, France, passionate about surfing.
These two students are developing a foam surfboard made of eco-responsible, locally produced and repairable materials. A production in a circular and local economy, so that surfers can enjoy the waves without harming the ocean.

Start up Category

“Acqua Development Idt”

It is a young start-up created by two MBA students from Edhec
Aqua Development offers an innovative technological solution for cultivating shrimp in the Mediterranean, drawing inspiration from the natural movements of sea and respecting marine environments.


Coup de Coeur Prize

“Watch your Anchor”

The “Coup de Coeur” prize awarded by our organizers went to “Watch your Anchor”, a project meaning to develop an app allowing captains to know where to anchor without damaging plankton.

Best Business Pitch


Ittinsect, a startup producing zero ocean impact aquafeed won the “Best Business Pitch”, a prize awarded by the audience vote.

Students Category


The winner of the Students Category was “Hy-Plug”, an initiative to develop hydrogen charging stations for boats in ports.

Start-up Category


The Winner of the Start-Up Category, Wype, won the Monaco Impact Prize. Wype is a British startup that tackles the (taboo) subject of wet wipes used in the toilets with its eco-friendly gel alternative.


Corporate Challenge


An engaging communication campaign to party without balloons.

Entrepreneurial Challenge

“I Save The Ocean”

An artsy phone case made of recycled ocean waste.


Best Presentation – Audience Choice

“Adopt a Coral”

Awakening the young generation by allowing them to adopt a coral.

Oceanographic Institute Prize

“Make the Oceans Loved”

An underwater experience in Monaco with a tour in a sub-marine.

Monaco Impact Prize


A circular Economy Concept: creating plastic recycled high-end textiles. Monaco Impact deemed that it was the project that would have the biggest positive impact on the oceans.


“Monaco Turtles”

Working on “how to keep and develop a relationship between the Museum and the young generation as well as on how to improve its influence using digital tools” proposed the most feasible, innovative, and attractive ideas.

Their anticipation to contact a young influencer that would partner with the Museum to do a mini-series on Ocean Protection impressed, their idea to have a fake coral wall on the roof to raise awareness on their disappearance and take pictures pleased the jury, and finally their idea to setup a digital escape room in the Museum intrigued everyone in the audience.