When the Circular Economy Saves the Ocean

4th Edition MOPC Theme
A World of Reusability
  • As our oceans continue to face the enormous threat of pollution, it’s time to focus on an economy based on reusability!
  • The possibilities in a circular economy are endless! Can you come up with the next brilliant idea to save our ocean?
Who can join?
  • All undergraduate/graduate students, as well as students who graduated within the last 5 years;
  • Participants who are creating or have created a company after June 2020, and fit the previous requirements.
What do I have to submit?
  • A Business Plan;
  • A 1-Minute video presenting your concept and business plan;
  • A timeline of milestones in your project’s development.
How will the Jury screen your business plan?
  • Verify and substantiate demand for your product or service, based on market research and a thorough analysis of relevant data;
  • Make sure the impact and the potential of your business concept are global, not local;
  • Create a positive and measurable impact on the Oceanographic Institute and/or on the Oceans.


The timeline for the 2021 edition will be announced ASAP.


Rewards for the 2021 edition will be announced ASAP.



Summarize the key technology, concept, product, service or strategy which the business idea is based on


Summarize the market in the past (when applicable), present and anticipated future. Review the trends in terms of market share evolution, market leadership, players, pricing, competition or substitutes in the current environment.


Highlight the barriers to entry from your business perspective. How would you protect your innovation to keep your business sustainable?


Briefly expose which resources are needed to implement your project and include your financial plan

Do you meet the profile? Then join us!